Attention Ownders With Vacation Rental Properties

For over 20 years the staff of Homelocators have been helping owners fill their vacation rentals, and with our International Marketing Campaign, we ALWAYS have clients looking for vacation properties in Roatan.

With our fully computerized searchable database your property will be able to be searched and found 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Homelocators will help fill your vacancy quickly, and to save yourself the time, money and hassle often associated with finding the right tenant for your rental property.

You now have the ability to add, update, change, and delete your listings, yourself in real time. Now your listings will always be current, and say what you want them to say. Unlike other advertising mediums, when your property rents, you can remove it from our database right away and the phone calls will stop immediately. No more taking phone calls on rentals that have already been rented.

A picture says a thousand words. You can now ADD A PICTURE to your listing. As a matter of fact you can now add up to 3 pictures, and your company logo (if you have one) on your listing, drastically increasing your exposure and your chances in finding the “right” tenant the first time.

If a picture says a thousand words then video will leave them speechless. Now we can ADD A VIDEO of your property so we are able to showcase your property around the world, and people can rent it without ever having to be on the island. This will stop wasting your time and money dealing with disappointed tenants that are upset with not getting what they were expecting.

By providing us with a complete description of your vacation unit including rent amount, number or bedrooms, furnished or not, lease terms and all the details of what your property has to offer. We can match it with our client's needs and preferences providing you with tenants who will be calling you to view and rent your property. We can even screen, approve and give you a choice of tenants to choose from.
Homelocators wants you to finally have a “hassle-free web site” where you can advertise your rental properties the way YOU want to. We have created a couple of options for you to choose from. Click on the that you are interested in to get started right away.

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