Looking for a Place to Rent?

Since our goal is to find you the ideal rental property for your needs, we will provide you with a fully computerized list of all the properties that fill your particular needs and preferences. We don’t stop with just one list. We will supply you with the newest property listings until you choose a place.....AT NO COST TO YOU !!!

Because we are a Property Management company, and an Advertising agency, we have properties that are listed and advertised exclusively with Homelocators.

For your convenience and peace of mind, our trained staff will also call around and ask other companies what they have for rent and we will pass the list of available rentals on to you. This gives you the most complete list of rentals specific to your particular needs and preferences.

An in-depth interview to discuss your requirements when registering provides us with the information which allows us to determine the type of property, number of bedrooms, price range and areas you desire. We also supply you with all the details for each listing, such as which properties take pets, the utility payments, parking, furnishings, etc.

We understand your time is money! With Homelocators, we offer you the most convenient way to save both.

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